Shortcross Rye & Malt

I get the feeling that things will get really, really interesting in Ireland in the next year or so. Or wait, more interesting. There’s a number of distilleries sitting on casks like a fat guy sitting in a sofa. Waiting for when McDonalds is delivered and then he will pounce like a cat. McDonalds in this analogy is a finished maturation.

So far, not many new distilleries have released their own spirit in Ireland and in the north, there’s hasn’t been a new distillery release for around 100 years. Then came Shortcross.

This bottling is the second release from the brand. The first, I’m not sure how many will drink since I bet it’s more of a collectible in these flippin times we live in.

According to raving Dave at The Water of Life reviews, this bottle has a mash bill of about 30-50 percent malted rye and the rest malted barley. Aged in virgin Chinkapin and ex-bourbon barrels, bottled at 46 percent ABV, double distilled and no messing about with added colour.


On the nose, this has an expected yet balanced fresh, young scent. It’s fruity, ground pepper and a hint of fresh mint. This sort of reminds me of a combo between Tipperary Homegrown barley and Pearse Lyons 7 year. Very inviting, fresh and tingly!

The palate carries you forward with more fruit, a bit of spice mingling between the mid section and the finish. Some vanilla, stewed apples and also some zest. I really don’t know how to put this but it leaves your mouth clean and itching for more.

The finish is medium to long, an amount of early Christmas feeling with light cinnamon and cloves.

Verdict is simple. Buy. Taste. Enjoy. surprisingly complex for a pretty young whiskey and a new brand.

Furthermore, David at Shortcross. If you have some new things cooking, I won’t hold it against you if you send a dram or two to Sweden. This is spot on.

Other stuff

As you know, I’m not going to whiskey live in Dublin. I shall sit around at home sulking.


Author: Robert

Operations developer at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

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